A Simple Guide to Better Mindfulness

A Simple Guide To Better Mindfulness Mindfulness means to live in the moment. It is our awareness of our thoughts, feelings, sensations, and our surrounding environment. Being mindful allows you to enjoy life as it is presented to you. As someone … Continue reading “A Simple Guide to Better Mindfulness”

New Year Challenge for an Improved You

The start of the new year is a great time to set new goals for ourselves. Unfortunately, after a few months most of all that ambition dies out and we fall back into our “normal” routines. So let’s try it … Continue reading “New Year Challenge for an Improved You”

The Ultimate Supply List for Preschoolers

*this post includes affiliate links * Hello fellow preschooler parents! I began homeschooling this year, whoo-hoo! Once I started preparing my lessons I noticed that I needed some supplies, and I learned that we use and require a lot of … Continue reading “The Ultimate Supply List for Preschoolers”